Monday, March 18, 2013

Configure F5 virtual server for use with Remote Desktop Gateway

A few key notes on this (not a complete guide)

Virtual Server Type: "Performance (Layer 4)"
Protocol Profile (Client): "FastL4"
  • This will benefit session responsiveness and eliminate key stroke lag

Persistence Profile: None (Do not use any client persistence)
  • This will load balance all new connections
  • This will assure that multiple users from one site are load balanced across all RD Gateway servers
  • TCP sessions are stateful, so this will not cause individual session packets to be load balanced (common misconception); only the initial TCP session set up is load-balanced
  • Use RD Session Broker and the Session Broker Routing Token to maintain TS session persistence

Configure Idle timeout
  • On the FastL4 protocol profile, configure an idle timeout of 14400 seconds (or configure to match the idle session timeout on the Terminal Server)
  • This prevents the accidental or premature reset of TCP sessions, which would interrupt the TS session and require the client to reconnect