Thursday, January 29, 2015

Enable or disable hibernation and delete hiberfil.sys

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

powercfg.exe /hibernate on

Remote Desktop Client Credential Storage and ID Hints

Credential Storage
- Credentials are encrypted using the Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider
- Credentials are stored here: C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Credentials
- To delete all stored credentials, delete the files in this folder
- You can only store one set of credentials per server
- Stored credentials cannot be reused on other servers, but the same credentials can be stored for multiple servers (type in the ID and password once per server and save it)
- There are utilities that can reverse engineer these stored credentials. (untested, but I’m pretty sure: you have to be logged on as the user who stored the credentials on the PC where the credentials are stored)

ID Hints
- ID hints pre-populate the user ID and domain at the logon prompt on the RD server
- ID hints are stored here:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Servers\hdqnclmsts1]

Applies To
Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 and later
Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

Other keywords
Terminal Server
Remote Desktop
RD Client